What is Hubz?



Hubz is a revolutionary modular plumbing connection system from Tribal. It provides time and cost savings to the plumber and easier stocking and distribution to the wholesaler.

Hubz re-imagines plumbing transitions - fast, modular and tool free. It makes better the transition between rough and finish, between valve and pipe or valve and tank.

Hubz adapters and receivers are available to connect to nearly any plumbing piping system. You can stock fewer parts and save time on installs, which saves you money.





The fundamental nature of Hubz is modularity. Modular adapters and receivers empower you to easily configure any installation to meet your needs. If you commonly work with multiple plumbing systems or stock multiple systems, Hubz is a game-changer. And besides, it speeds and improves the quality and functionality of the installation.



Easy to Use


Hubz is easy to use. Adapters and receivers are connected tool-free, in seconds and with a double o-ring, internal diameter secured engineered seal.



Universal & Standard


Hubz system adapters can be used throughout the Hubz system - on valves, connectors, fittings, sillcocks, manifolds and more. Stock once for easy access on future jobs, for flexibility and to save space and money.



Durability & Protection


The Hubz connection is simple. It is made from three parts - an inner brass insert member, primary and back up o-rings, and the receiver. These are protected by an outer nut, which holds and drives the connection while protecting the o-rings. When connected, the o-rings compress to the I.D. of the receiver.

Simple. Fast. Tool-free!

Two huge benefits stem from this engineered connection. First, the connection is always protected. The outer nut protects the primary and back up o-rings in transit and on the shelf. After installation, the o-rings do their work in service - and are protected by the receiver. Second, this strong connection is engineered and requires no pipe dope or thread sealing tape.

Compare this to push and compression fittings. Since they compress to the O.D. of the pipe, they are less secure than Hubz, have to be installed over exposed and oftentimes ruined finishes - and even the fittings themselves can mar the surface of the pipe or tube. They also require tools to install and / or remove.